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Are you looking to build a strong backlink campaign, and you're tired of overpaying for SEO backlinks? Well, stop looking because you're in the right place. Our main goal at Backlinks Shop is to help digital marketing agencies, entrepreneurs, e-commerce, and website owners save time, money, and resources by providing high-quality, niche, and local backlinks.

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Nowadays, anyone who wants to succeed in the digital world needs to have a good link-building strategy as a part of their marketing plan.

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What exactly is a link-building strategy and how can it help your business? Also known as link promotion, it's a marketing branch that promotes your site through external links.

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This will boost the growth of your project, help you rank higher in search engines, increase brand awareness, attract referral traffic, and have a more reliable site.

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At the Backlinks Shop, we're aware that buying lots and lots of backlinks is no longer a good and effective strategy. Our Link network has over 1000 News sites in a diversity of niches. To each of them, we provide high-quality links for them to succeed in their field without having to go out of budget. We work with the best local links with several hundred local websites in the network, so if you're doing local SEO, we are the perfect match for your project.

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Ready to buy backlinks? Don't hesitate and reach out to us so that we can start analyzing your requirements and start building working together. We have niche backlink packages for your site at crazy good prices. In no time, you'll see that massive ranking impact and the fast indexing that your site will have. We have a 3-month minimum subscription. In as little as 3 months, you'll be able to see the effect and the impact that our high-quality backlinks will have on your website.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it illegal to buy backlinks?

Write the answer to the question here. This way, your visitors can easily pick the questio

Quite simply, NO. But, it maybe so if they are used as a tool to cheat the search engines and your website is penalized or removed from their index altogether. This can be awful for your site's ranking in the search engines.

This is a classic example of a black hat SEO technique that can backfire later on. It's really up to you if you want to risk it and take the chance – but at least you now know what may happen if your site gets penalized for buying backlinks.

Actually, buying backlinks may not be illegal in all countries and many of them allow it to happen. It's only the search engines that frown upon such an act.

It should also be noted here that Google did create a very short lived policy which did consider link exchanges as something to not follow and did penalize too much of it: the 2009 Google Dance. Since then, no such policy has been released or enforced in anyway by Google regarding link exchanges, unlike buying backlinks which is still not allowed in their webmaster guidelines.

ns that matter to them, without being distracted by loads of text from the FAQ.

How do I buy backlinks for my website?

Multi-ranking sites are a great way to improve your website's rankings.

Of course, buying them is always an option, although it's often not the best one. There are many advantages in creating a network of high PR backlinks yourself! It will only cost you time and effort, but it will be worth it.This is where you can cash in by contacting these websites and asking them if they would be willing to exchange links with you. You are basically asking them to trade links with you by putting their link on your website and hoping they do the same for you. This can be time-consuming but is effective in getting high-quality backlinks pointing to your site.

Is paying for backlinks a good idea?

Let us begin by understanding what a paid backlink is. It's a link to a third party site that you have to pay for. Typically, businesses pay people who run sites to place their links on their websites and social media accounts.

Paid backlinks can be a great idea, depending on what you're trying to accomplish. For example, if you have a new site and no one knows about it yet- these links could help get your name out there and gain exposure for your products or services. It can also help build authority in your industry.

If you're going to pay for backlinks, just remember that it can negatively affect your business. These links won't help boost your rankings and the only thing that will happen is a penalty from Google which could hurt your site moving forward.

How do I get backlinks for my website?

There are several ways to buy backlinks for your website, though the best way is to offer value. A few places you can do this include:

•  Sites that allow guest blogging

·          Make sure your website has content that is valuable to the audience of these sites.

·          Reach out to site owners and offer to provide useful content for their sites

·          Include a backlink at the end of your article with a "Related Sources" page linking to other useful webpages.

•  Directories

·          Create quality webpages that are completely unique or updated frequently.

·          Ensure these pages have a high page rank, and link to the homepage of your website.

•  Article writing services

·          Hire a writer who understands SEO and has good content creation experience.

·          Offer to provide a backlink at the end of each article with a "Related Sources" page linking to other useful webpages.

•  Directory submissions

·          Reach out to list building services that have a solid reputation.

·          Make sure you tell them how to format the backlinks they provide.

·          If they do not know SEO, you may want to consider hiring a writer or directory service instead.

•  Buy links from reputable directories and article writing services.

•  Manually submit your pages to smaller directories that are not yet indexed in the major search engines.

·          Make sure the directories have a good reputation, and that your website is listed as well.

By following these tips, you will find it much easier to buy backlinks for your website, or even raise your own link profile. If you follow this simple advice, and use quality website marketing techniques, you should start seeing results soon.

Or You Could Just Buy them from us.

Where To Buy Backlinks?

There are many ways that you can buy backlinks for your website, the most common being through press release websites but there are many other ways that you can do this.

The most popular websites to buy backlinks are, which has a very large database of press release sites that can be filtered according to what type you require; You also have the option of buying links through blogger outreach for blogs in your keyword area or you could even pay for your links to be placed on high page rank websites.

Of course, we are more than significantly biased and think you should buy your links from us.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Backlinks?

There are many benefits of buying backlinks, the biggest one being that it will help to boost your search engine rankings; this is because by buying quality links you can improve your domain authority which means that your website will gain more trust through the eyes of search engines.

Many people also buy backlinks to help them in the local SEO area, this is because when you purchase links from websites that are linked to your Google+ Local page, then it can help your website to rank highly for that particular location.

Is This A Good Strategy To Use?

There are many strategies that you can use to market your website, however buying backlinks is not the only strategy that you should be using. If you want to gain more trust in search engines then it is recommended that you also grow your social presence by creating accounts with other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

How Can Help You To Rank Higher?

There are many things that can help you to rank higher in the search engines such as building quality links and having good social presence; these two alone will help your website to rank highly.

It is also recommended that you focus on creating original content and making sure that it adds value to users; this will not only improve your search engine rankings, but it will also help your website to create more quality links.

Should I buy backlinks SEO?

When it comes to SEO, the term “backlinks” is an integral one. It can increase your search engine ranking by a significant margin. However, some digital marketers there are concerned that they might be threatened with Google penalties or banned from search engines if they buy backlinks on their own.

If I buy backlinks will it work?

A lot of people have been asking me lately if buying backlinks in 2022 is a good move. And the answer is - it depends on your type of clientele and what you're trying to do with your business. Buying backlinks will still be beneficial for some niches, but not all. In this article, I'll explain why.

First, a little bit of background info. I have been selling backlinks for over 7 years now, and from what I've seen from my own business and from talking to other providers, the demand still exists regardless of Google's continuous penalties against it - but that doesn't mean buying backlinks will be easy or cheap in 2022!

I'll explain why in a few paragraphs. But first, check out this link building contract I put together for you (contains my link building prices).

What is the average backlink cost according to Google?

What is the average cost of a backlink? How much does it cost to get an article onto the front page of Reddit? And how much are you willing to pay for one visitor to your website via Facebook advertising?

The truth is, it depends on what you're looking for. But before we reveal the wide range of prices, let's breakdown exactly what is involved in getting a backlink.

Every link to your website that you see on the front page of Reddit or in Google's first page these days will cost you money, but it depends how much - this isn't like ordering a coffee at Starbucks where it'll set you back $4 (and even less if you're a Gold member).

Firstly, the amount of times you'll need to be on the front page or in Google's top 10 results before you start earning anything is just inefficient.

Secondly, getting a backlink from somewhere like Reddit will cost you an account (we've seen this countless times before - it seems like everyone has been banned at some point). And funnily enough, the more it costs to buy accounts (i.e. if you're doing this in bulk) then the higher the cost becomes because of demand.

Thirdly, you could end up paying in time - because in order for your backlink to be inside Reddit's top 10 results you'll need to keep showing up on the front page or stay up-to-date with your competitors.

Fourthly, there is the time of day you post it - this will be different based on what country you live in. And lastly, there's also the time of year which you need to consider before posting that link.

So out of all of these, only the last point only really matters if your target market is based in a country with different seasons. If you're looking for international visitors all year around then either target them directly (and direct them to your website) or do something different altogether.

So, even though we've listed out all of the factors that can influence how much it costs to get a backlink, it still just comes down to one thing - demand.

You could buy 10 links for $400 or 100 links for $4,000, but the latter would be just as effective if not more so than the former. And don't forget that you can also buy in bulk with some companies offering discounts when you do.

This is why we recommend doing your own research and looking at companies that offer a range of prices and services to work within your budget. There's also the option of using premium backlinks which can cost around $200-300 but depending on your niche, this could be more than worth it for regular visitors.

How are backlinks effective?

Finding high quality backlinks can be difficult so here are several ways you can acquire them.

1) Reach out your existing contacts for help - These people may be able to submit a link on your website or share it on their own social media profiles.

2) Network with other business owners - A number of local chambers have networking events that are perfect for getting the word out about your website. These are great opportunities to meet others who can access your target audience and help drive traffic to your site.

3) Look into guest blogging - If you are aware of people in your niche who have a large social media following or their own website, ask them if they'd be interested in creating content for you. Even better, ask them to post this on their site so it can help buildup link equity.

4) Look for opportunities to engage - If you find influential bloggers online that are already writing about your niche, identify ways you can help them by providing content or sharing their posts.

5) Participate in online commenting - Find blogs that are relevant to your website and leave comments on their articles. You can also make a list of these and monitor them for new articles so you can ensure they get fresh link love.

6) Put together an email outreach campaign - Use this to reach out to people, both in your own network and outside of it. You can identify influential bloggers who you want to write about your site or even suggest that they link back to one of your web pages.

7) Identify opportunities with directory submissions - This is a great way for you to find relevant places that are related to your business. If you are able to get them to add your web page, it can bring in fresh backlinks.

8) Offer shareable content - Create infographics or videos that are engaging and informative so they encourage people to share on social media. This will not only help generate new visitors but also grow your backlink profile.

9) Share visual content - If you are using Facebook or Pinterest, remember that images get more engagement than just text. So the more visuals you share, the better chance you have of getting inbound links.

10) Promote webinars - A great way to generate leads is by offering a free webinar to all your subscribers. This will expose you to a much wider audience and also help you build links as they sign up for the webinar.

How do you get valued backlinks to a website?

The fact is that Google uses them as a primary indicator of how authoritative a site is, and where it should be placed within its results pages.

It's as simple as that. The more backlinks a particular site has, the higher it will be ranked within the SERPs; and the same goes for those sites that have no or very few backlinks pointing to them.

This is why building incoming links to your site should always be one of your first priorities when carrying out an SEO campaign. And even if you have some great articles on your site that are being found by people through Google, they simply won't be seen if you don't have any external sites linking to them.

This is why backlink building is so important for your site, and something you should be thinking about a lot more than you probably are.

Think of it this way, if I was to do some link building campaigns for a new site that had no backlinks at all yet, within a short space of time it would start ranking on the front page of Google for key search terms purely because it has many incoming links.

How do I increase my backlinks to a website?

The following article is designed to help business owners increase their backlinks to their website. In this post, It covered 5 techniques that have been shown to work for increasing backlinks.

1) Make useful content - The best way to get links is by producing good content that people link to organically. This means creating a piece of content that is so good and provides so much value that it would be remiss of the web community not to link to it.

2) Build self-links - As you create content, make sure to include links back to your website within the body of your content. You can also get people who have linked to your content to maintain the link by exchanging links with them.

3) Ask for a link - If you want to go the extra mile, you can ask people who have linked to your content if they mind updating their links to point directly to you. This is a great way of ensuring that links contain your keywords and branding and also ensures that Google sees these links pointing at your website and not elsewhere.

4) Use SEO techniques - If you want to be successful at getting links, you're going to need to do it with organic SEO. This means that your website needs to be ranking for keywords and phrases that people actually use in the course of their search activities.

5) Build backlinks - The best way to build links is to join industry relevant forums and online communities and post links to your website. This is a highly effective technique as people link to you within the course of their conversations and it simply appears as if they are establishing a connection between themselves and your brand.

How many backlinks per day is safe?

SEO is a tricky discipline and many people jump in head first without knowing the full picture. While there's no such thing as "too many backlinks", there can be too many backlinks per day. When it comes to SEO, the use of the term "safe" is subjective because Google does not tell us what they deem safe or unsafe. That said, there are some things you can look at that will help you figure out if it's safe to build too many backlinks per day.

A general rule of thumb is no more than 10/day from a single domain (e.g., and again, your mileage may vary. If you're doing a lot of guest posting and getting natural links, then it's safe to say that anything over 5/day would be deemed "safe".

How do I manually create backlinks?

To manually create backlinks to your site, you must first find authoritative sites that link out to external sources. These are usually high quality (niche related) websites with great content. The more links they have pointing to non-related domains, the better for you!

A few places where you can look for them include: - Google Search Console In the Search Traffic section, select Links to Your Site and click on "Get more linking opportunities".

By doing this for a few months, you should have a ton of high quality backlinks which will help your site rank better.

How long do backlinks take to work?

One of the most commonly asked questions about SEO is, "How long does it take before backlinks start working?"

The answer: It depends.

Link building and network building strategies differ on how they function and the time that is required for them to be effective.

With link building, you can see a difference in as little as a few days. If you are working with paid link services, it may take more time before they start showing results.

The life cycle of a backlink is important to understand.

Over the years, Google has built their algorithm for ranking sites on several factors including keyword density, age of content and incoming links from other people's websites.

Google recognizes that many websites find authority within their niche through the number of sites that link to them.

When Google places a site on their first page, they see it as an affirmation and indicator that the website is relevant and has good content for users searching in that market.

Therefore, when another site links to this site, it believes the source is trustworthy and relevant.

Can you make money selling backlinks?

Have you ever wondered if buying backlinks can help you make any money at all? I mean, you are spending your hard earned cash on them after all. There are so many questions out there about this topic that it feels overwhelming, but I'm going to take some time here to try to share what I know.

First of all - the answer is yes, it can help you make money. I've used this technique to do a couple of things. First off, I was able to rank higher in Google for keywords that other sites were outranking me on and eventually I could get them to add affiliate links back to my site because they already trusted the anchor text from their own site's link. The beauty in this is that I didn't even need to touch their site or do anything but BUY backlinks for my site. Eventually they saw the value in my site's content and linked to it...profit! Another example was when I wanted to rank higher than another blog in Google which is why I bought a few of their BACKLINKS. I was able to show Google that they trusted their own content enough to link to me, eventually showing my site's content for the same keywords as theirs. Again - all through backlinks.

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